Choosing Between Non-Profit and For-Profit Universities

While taking admission to colleges in any university for higher education, often the question comes whether the university is non-profit university or a for-profit university. While going for higher studies, how much does it really matter between these 2 types of universities?

Let us therefore try to understand what are the various plus and minus points of both of these kinds of universities and how does it really affect you.

Non-profit universities  

Following are few characteristics that you can find in most of the non-profit universities:

  • More traditional colleges

Most of the old and well-known universities and colleges come under non-profit universities, as they have been around for many long years.

  • Most public universities and few private colleges may come under this

Usually, most of the public universities of the country are managed by non-profit universities however few private colleges are also affiliated to non-profit universities.

  • Uses the tuition fees to run the college

Most of the tuition fees that these universities get from their students are used for running the colleges and also making college buildings.

  • Mostly they are accredited universities

Most of the accredited colleges and universities of the country come under the category of non-profit universities and hence you will find more rush in these universities.

  • More focus on students

Non-profit universities usually tend to offer more focus to their student’s education and their further career in the future after their completion of education.

  • Operates more independently

Generally, these universities are independent universities and create their education program based on the need and priority.

  • Less expensive option

Education in these universities tends to be less expensive than for-profit universities.

For-profit universities

  • Spends less for educating students

Profit based universities are mostly profit oriented and hence they tend to spend less on student’s education.

  • Run by business people to earn profit

These universities are mostly run by businessmen like a business organization.

  • Education can be more expensive

Education any for-profit universities will be much more expensive.

  • Wide range of education program

You may however find many different ranges of education programs which will be much more as compared to non-profit universities.

Having understood the differences between any non-profit and for-profit universities, you must be clear that for-profit universities are mostly for earning profits and the education is considered as a business.

If you are really interested to learn and do higher studies non-profit universities are more preferable option, but to get admission to such universities may be a little tough.