Is studying abroad to the United States to read graduate student or undergraduate course?

Today, studying abroad is becoming more and more popular. Many students go to the United States to study abroad. They are directly applying for undergraduate study in high school, or they have been studying at the university to study for master’s and doctoral degrees. If you already have the ability to go to the US to study undergraduate, try to get an undergraduate education in the United States.

The biggest feature of American undergraduate education is general education. Students can fully contact various subjects during their sophomore year and then decide their majors according to their hobbies during their junior year. The goal of American university education is to allow students to “develop intellectual and academic abilities”. The clear objectives in the brochure usually include developing intelligence, developing morality, ethnic tolerance, and citizenship. Universities should allow students to develop some extremely important qualities at the critical moment of growth. Therefore, values ​​and behaviors such as “integrity”, “ethnic tolerance”, “adapting to multiculturalism and global communication” have become the most important goals for undergraduate education in the United States.

American undergraduate education has adopted a variety of methods to improve students’ critical thinking skills. In the lectures and reading training, students can experience the process of problem solving by trained scholars. At the seminar, students have the opportunity to express their ideas on the puzzle and listen to the opinions of professors and other students. In the course papers and in peacetime, students need to think carefully about the problem, and then the knowledgeable teachers will make comments. There are many opportunities for group work students to participate in the discussion, in which students must think for themselves, express their opinions, and accept comments from others.

However, American universities have high requirements for international students. If you want to be foolproof, it is best to find a professional study agent to help you apply. Of course, the study agent can help you not only these, study abroad or dropping out of school (also known as 留学退学), urgent transfer (also known as 紧急转学), study agent can help you, even summer internships (also known as 暑期实习), you can seek their help. There are a lot of study agents in the United States, Dream Go, NYIS (also known as 纽约小纽), the evaluation is good, if you have no time to consider the opt extension (also known as opt延期) or h1b and green card (also known as h1b绿卡) applications after graduation, you can also entrust a professional lawyer, you will be a lot easier.