Why Festive Season Is the Best Time to Buy a Car

Festivities are considered to be auspicious in India. It is the time when people start their businesses and make new purchases like a flat, a car, and jewelry, among other items. As a result, many brands, retailers, and sellers offer various deals, schemes, and discounts that enhance your shopping experience. For instance, if you are planning to buy a new car, especially during Diwali, you can get amazing discounts on prices, different EMI schemes, and extended warranties, among other attractive facilities.

Here are some reasons why the festive season is the best time to buy a car:

  • Discounts

Carmakers have offers from Diwali until the end of the year. As its year-end and carmakers want to sell off their current year’s stock, they provide you with incredible cash discounts and easy finance options.

  • Offers on car accessories

Many brands offer multiple discounts or give free accessories during the festivities. You can buy accessories like include cushions, car perfumes, and floor mats at discounted rates.

  • New launches

Manufacturers launch new models during festivals. During this time, buyers are eagerly waiting for new products. Cars that are launched during festivals like Diwali have a great sales ratio, as many brands provide lucrative booking deals that are better than older models.

  • Less waiting period

As carmakers tend to assume that their sales will be higher during the festive season, their production unit is busy manufacturing new cars at full steam. Therefore, if customers purchase their dream car during festivals, the waiting duration is relatively lower than the remaining time of the year.

  • Loyalty exchanges and finance deals

If you are planning to exchange your old car and buy a new model from the same manufacturer, you can get benefits on loyalty exchanges. Apart from cash discounts, you can avail of funding at reasonable car loan interest rates. So, you can save a high amount every year on the interest that you will pay for your car loan. Know your car loan eligibility as well.

Therefore, the festive season is the most suitable period to purchase a car. It is beneficial for both carmakers and customers. The sales of the car manufacturers increase, and you can get many discounts and deals. So, plan to buy your next car during the festive season. You can avail of car finance from a reputed lender like Mahindra Finance. It offers flexible options in car loan tenure. Visit the financial institution’s website when you plan to apply for a car loan online.