Scaling Up IT Companies with Virtual Engineers

Scaling up an IT company is not that easy. You have to go through the arduous process of hiring people, getting them acquainted with the corporate culture, assigning them to a project and then getting the project requirements across to them. This is a rather time-consuming lengthy process, which also requires a lot of resources. And often you just do not have enough time.

Another situation is when entire project may come to a screeching halt if an engineer top employee scheduling software that has been working on that project for a long time decides to quit. The remaining team members may become stressed and overworked trying to fill that gap – and even with that effort it may become clear that it is impossible to meet the project deadline without urgently hiring a new developer to replace the one that had left. Again, finding and getting the right person on board is not that quick and easy.

This is where a virtual team can make a real difference. By hiring a Genesys support engineer at Miratech you can quickly add a qualified developer to your team – the process is simple and straightforward. The biggest benefit of employing the Genesys team and its support engineers is that they can start working immediately. This means that there will be very little interruption in the process. Since Miratech conducts regular training sessions for its Genesys engineer teams, you do not have to worry about the quality of service that they provide. The Miratech Genesys team can work as a team extension and offer virtual support to your in-house team at any time.

Miratech has developed a unique eco-system named Managed Competence Center® (MCC) that has made it possible to deliver the solution and manage high performing teams without getting into any trouble.

With Miratech’s Genesys support engineers you will not have to worry about when you will have to increase or decrease the headcount. Genesys software engineer will work as an extension of your team and they will help you speed up the project execution and meet the deadline.  You will have a team of highly skilled and proficient engineers at your disposal, working on the Genesys solutions. No need to hire and fire people, just opt for a virtual solution and experience the difference.

Miratech engineers are available around the clock and you can choose whether to hire them on an hourly basis or on performance basis. The overall structure is very simple and flexible. The idea is to make it easy for companies to scale up their presence quickly and effectively.