How to Prevent and Remove Rust on your Car

Rusting is one of the most common problems that corrodes and spoils any metallic surface, disfiguring its appearance and hollowing its strength. Rusting on a car can be really annoying as it makes the vehicle look worn-out and the tough, shiny exterior that you are so fond of loses all its sheen and becomes abrasive. Rust deposition on a vehicle both reduces its lifecycle as well as its value.

While rusting is a natural phenomenon of oxidation that occurs in the presence of air, there are ways to both reduce it and prevent it. As the value of a rusted car depreciates, its effect would be seen on car insurance premium and cover as well. In case you have bought an old vehicle and want to transfer and renew the car insurance policy, then its value would be subject to the car’s condition. Regular maintenance and repair are essential to keep the car up & running and robust. If you notice rust deposition on your car, you can get rid of it through following ways:

Rust Remover

Nowadays there are various rust remover chemical solutions available in the market. All you need to do is get an effective rust remover and apply it evenly on the rusted surface. The rust removes acts against oxidation by going deep inside the metal and helps restore its shine. However, the rust remover won’t be of any use if the surface has been completely damaged. It’s best to apply rust remover when you notice rust building up and spreading.

Manual Repair

This method is labour intensive and requires a lot of caution. While you can do it yourself at home, you need to be careful. It’s best done if you lack any substance that can inhibit rust and need to get rid of it urgently. Scrub the rusted area with a sandpaper and remove the oxidation deposition, while not touching the underlying metal surface. Once all the rust flakes have been removed, wipe the surface with a wet cloth. Leave the surface to dry and then spray paint the area with a matching colour or apply a rust resistant solution.

Proper Maintenance

It’s very important to park your car in shade and in a clean, spacious area. Inspect it regularly and check the surface for any accumulation of grime or dust particles. After rainfall or storms, wash the car thoroughly and ensure that all water is drained from all corners of the car. Check the area around doors where water can collect.

Eradicating Scale Rust

When rusting has advanced beyond initial oxidation level, then it begins to spread at a faster pace and forms bubble-like clusters on the metal. This phenomenon is called scale rusting. If left untreated, scale rust will gradually devour the whole car surface. The best method to remove scale rust is through a wire brush and a grinding wheel. With the help of a wire brush, remove the rust particles, then use the grinding wheel and sandpaper to get an even surface finish. After that, apply an anti-rust solution and a paint that matches with the car colour.

In the Nutshell

Rusting or oxidation is the most common problem with metal. Car rusting can be really troublesome as it spoils the look as well as durability. Make it a point to always park the car in a clean location and always inspect for any build-up of rust. A lot of anti-rust solutions and varnishes are available in the market that can be applied. For the purpose of car insurance, it’s important that the car remains well-maintained. With the help of a car insurance calculator, the monthly premium amount can be figured. Head over to Finserv MARKETS for more!

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