What Is The Correct Procedure To Clean Your Pasta Making Machine?

Materials needed

  1. White scrap clay
  2. Baby wipes
  3. A wooden skewer for cleaning the scrapers
  4. A Phillips head screwdriver for opening the machine
  5. Kitchen paper towel rolls


  • If you want to clean your dry pasta machines, make the use of white scrap clay. Before you clean, put the pasta making machine on the table and roll the clay at least 4 to 5 times. You can also use the baby wipes before you use the next color in order to clean the roller. You can also insert the baby wipes between the rollers to get rid of the rust and on the handles too to complete the process. Now dry the roller with a paper towel. Use the skewer to take out the clay on the scrapers. In order to do that, flip the dry pasta machines upside down and carefully scrape it to remove all the dirt from the scrapers. Keep the machine clean by all means by wiping it with baby wipes and paper towels.

  • Now it is time to clean the machine fenders by opening them. Always keep in mind that it is very hard to reassemble the machine before implementing this step. Here you will need a Philips head screwdriver to open the screw from the side panel. Now unscrew the two nuts with the help of a wrench and from the side to unscrew the feet too. Take out all the components and clean it with the help of paper towels. Now proceed to the side panel and look at the rollers where you will find some clay and clean with your skewer. Skewers make it easy to remove the clay. After you clean all this, reassemble the machine.
  • Firstly, attach the scrapers by slotting them back in place. Put the covers back on the screw threaded rod. Reattach the side panel and the back fender. To do that, move the machine to its side and reassemble it. Never tighten it too much and always leave a gap in between. In order to attach the front fender, you might need some assistance as it is tougher to install the back fender. Now, tighten the screw nuts and re attach the cover of the side panel. Here you are almost done with the process and the only step left is to re attach the feet. Now your pasta machine looks good as new.