Tips for Tarot Novices

In an age where a pandemic preys upon those who step outdoors, man finds refuge in the extraordinary. Tarot cards are a great way to intuitively understand what influences your present and how you can change them to lead a better life in the future. While it may seem daunting for beginners, anyone can start their journey as a Tarot reader, and in time, perform readings with confidence, be it for themselves or for other subjects. Online apps such as Tarotrix alleviate this by a great deal, acting as a repository of information with respect to all the Minor and Major Arcana cards. While it is easy to get lost in the underlying systems of the Tarot, learning them one by one will help you get there faster. Don’t be overwhelmed and stick to simple techniques first. Keeping things simple greatly boosts your confidence. Here are some tips that will let you dive into the mystic world of Tarot with more confidence.

1 – Form a Bond With The Deck

While you may think that reading a dozen Tarot books and calling it a day would do, you’d be terribly mistaken. Not only will you forget what you read in the first place, but this may also impede you from forming an intuitive bond with the Tarot cards. Apps let you view all the cards at a glance, you can use this to your advantage. Pick cards one by one and try to understand them on a deeper intimate level. Look for signs in your life that may be personal examples of these cards personified. Think of a card that might describe your day. Or a particular situation that you’ve been in. Adding a splash of personality could mean the difference between a bog-standard reading from a book and an intuitive command of the Tarot cards.

2 – Start Off With Simple Spreads

While most Tarot books come equipped with the Celtic Cross Tarot spread, but you don’t necessarily need to start with it. A beautiful 10-card spread, it’s something beginners often grapple with before giving in to doubt. Keep things simple. Start with a 3-card spread or even a single card. You’d be surprised at the insights you will be able to glean from them, even without digging into them all that much. Even if it’s just a single card, it could answer a question that you’ve been meaning to resolve. Better, it could answer a question that needed answering, a question more fundamental in nature to the one you wanted to answer.

An easy way to learn Tarot and form intricate connections with each card is by drawing one every day. Manifest the energy of said card into your day and you will be able to better understand Or ask a different question. One about how your day might go, or how an interaction with someone might pan out. This lets you organically grow your experience over time instead of committing meanings into memory without understanding them on a fundamental level.

3 – Interpret The Imagery

One of the best ways to understand the mysticism that shrouds Tarot cards is to look at the images. What’s going on? Why is it happening and what’s the moral? Answering these questions with the help of your experiences thrown into the mix can help you answer questions about your life itself. This helps you gain further insights into the cards without mugging up meanings and spewing them out at readings. With practice, this helps you achieve Tarot mastery, without the need for unwieldy books and guides.

4 – Intuition Is Key

Truth be told, this is something that most novices struggle with. Knowing how to tune into your intuition is something that comes with practice. Don’t rely on books to develop intuition, set them aside, and take a look at the cards. Take in their energy and attempt to connect with them. It doesn’t matter whether the meaning you derive is different from what the book says, since you are now forming an intuitive bond with it. It’s a whole lot more powerful than just repeating what the old books have to say. Try reading Tarot for yourself when you start off. It could very well lead you through a journey of self-discovery while helping you master the fundamentals of Tarot. Working on remembering one or two key tenets of a card could help you memorize it better instead of going through passages over and over again.

These tips should get you started with working on your Tarot readings. While it is by no means a simple task, Tarot reading can make an immeasurable difference in your life. It can help you decide on what to work on and how to approach an uncertain future, now made less uncertain. Get a Tarot deck or a Tarot reading app like Tarotrix and start deciphering its hidden meanings today!