How to become a construction manager

A construction manager is the one who heads any construction operation. Construction managers have plenty of duties such as planning and scheduling, supervisingthe work site, and setting/meeting the correct deadlines. If you are interested in a job with decent pay, management and creative opportunities, and the construction of cities and buildings, then construction management is right for you. Construction management, like any other career, has some requirements to be certified. The conditions of becoming a certified construction manager are:

A Bachelor’s Degree

A bachelor’s degreeis typically a minimum requirement of a construction manager. Most colleges and universities offer degrees in construction management, architecture, building and material sciences, and urban planning and design. The bachelor’s degree will help you gain the basic required knowledge for construction management and also designing.


After attaining a degree, then your next step is to look for experience either through entry level jobs or internships at construction sites or architectural firms. By obtaining experience early, you’ll gain an advantage over other aspiring construction managers. Experience helps operate machines distributed by an industrial supplier. You can gain experience by participating in internships, training in firms, and working as management assistants.

Achieving certification

Different countries have organizations that regulate the certification of construction managers. You should be aware of the requirements to achieve accreditation in your region. The most common conditions are years of experience, usually ranging between 4 to 5 years.

Achieving certification is vital for your career. Many people hiring construction managers will request the certificates hence their necessity. Construction management, however, is not just about certification and you must look at crucial things such as:


Construction managers must have skills such as excellent communication and leadership. The above skills are vital for you since, as a construction manager, you must lead people. In conducting your employees, you must communicate clearly so you provide the right instructions.

Career advancement

After receiving certification, you can then seek to progress in your career. It can be done by learning more about construction, such as designs. You can also get a Master’s degree, which will help your specialization. A Master’s degree will enhance practicality and also help improve your chances of employment.

Working hours

Working hours are differ depending on the career. As a construction manager, you will be working for about eight hours a day from Monday to Friday. As you become more successful in the profession, the schedule might be tighter. Sometimes you may work overtime and even during Saturdays to meet the required deadlines.


The salary depends on your experience. You start with about £40,000 per year and as you gain more experience, you will have better pay. At the peak of the career, the average salary is £85,000 per year. That’s a pretty good salary and to achieve the best salary, you must work diligently and reach the proper certifications and experience.

Bottom Line

Construction management is a good career. You must be willing to get the right certifications to be employed quickly. Certifications can guarantee a good job, but maintaining the position requires skills and good work ethics.