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When should a child go for dental implants?

There is an age limit to having dental implants and not all kids are allowed to have them until they reach a certain age. Children should wait until they are teenagers to get dental implants. In the case of girls, the implant can be done after the age of 14 and for boys after the age of 17. By this age, the jaws fully develop and are at a point where the implants would not affect growth.

As implants require good oral health, the gums should be healthy and free from disease in order to support the implant. The implants should be considered only when the adult teeth are present. Implants can be done once the jaw has finished growing. If the implant is placed before then it may interfere with jaw growth and prevent other teeth from growing into their proper positions. As dental implants are placed into the bone, they do not move easily.

What to do before getting an implant?

Children aren’t too fond of roaming around with a gap left behind by missing teeth and may affect their confidence. Consulting your dentist is a great idea. They may recommend to you that you should wait until the child is old enough, depending on the child’s current age. A dental bridge or denture may be considered to fill in the gap which has been left behind by the missing teeth.

There are other alternatives to dental implants which could be considered. One of the alternatives is a flipper. It is an appliance which is used to fill the gaps with an artificial tooth. Due to its natural look, it is difficult to tell if someone has it. Bonding is another alternative in which a fake tooth is bonded to a natural one. Braces could also be used. Braces are used to close the gap.

How to practice good oral hygiene?

You should guide your child to practice good oral hygiene as it will ensure that they do not lose any more teeth to tooth decay. Having healthy gums will help to support the implants when you get one. Make sure you visit the dentist regularly and encourage daily brushing and flossing.