Are Fake Eyelashes Comfortable?

Who doesn’t love fake lashes? Fake eyelashes are a convenient and simple way to get that long elegant look that is in style. They can be applied in just a few minutes and can last for an entire night of fun.

But false lashes can be a bit uncomfortable. If they are applied incorrectly or made from poor materials, then fake eyelashes can be irritating and even damage your natural lashes.

Fortunately, not all fake lashes are like that. In fact, there are a lot of comfortable lashes out there that look great and last a long time. Along with that, there are lots of little things you can do to make your false lashes more comfortable.

Here are a couple of easy life hacks to make your fake lashes more comfortable while wearing.

Shape Them to Your Eyes

Fake lashes can be very uncomfortable if they don’t follow your natural lash line or if they are too large/too small. Before applying your fake lashes, you should curl them around your finger or makeup brush for a minute. That way they will have a natural curve like your lash line.

You should also make sure to cut and shape the lashes to fit your line. You can just snip away the edges if they are too long. If fake lashes are not fitted properly they can cause irritation and rub against your face and eyelids.

Don’t Apply in the Lash Line

A lot of people don’t know this, but you’re not supposed to apply fake lashes in your lash line. Getting glue inside your lash line can cause clumping and irritate your hair follicles, especially when it’s time to remove the fake lashes at the end of the day.

Rather, you should apply the adhesive right above the lash line without actually touching it. Try to get it as close as possible without actually touching the lashes.

Make Sure You Give the Glue Time to Dry

Lashes get uncomfortable when they come undone and slide around. If you give the glue a bit longer to dry before applying it, then it will hold the strip on more securely. You should let the eyelash adhesive sit for about 40 seconds before you apply that strip. That should be enough time for the glue to get tacky and sticky, making it easier to attach the lashes.

By the same token, try to apply a little bit more glue near the corners of the lashes. This will secure them better in the problem spots that are the corners of your eyes.

Avoid Moisture and Heat

Eyelash adhesive is usually designed to come off with just water. So try to stay away from moisture and heat while wearing your fake lashes. Getting your eyes wet or spending a long time out in the sun will soften the glue and make your lashes much more likely to come off before the day is done.

Prep Your Natural Lashes Beforehand

There are a couple of steps you can take before putting fake lashes on to make them more comfortable. Before applying the false lashes, curl your natural lashes with a simple manual clamp curler. Try to get a slight curl near the base of your eyelashes as this will help the lashes stay put once you put them on.

Next, apply a small coat of your favorite mascara to your natural lashes. This will make them a bit tackier and make sure the fake lashes will stay put. Don’t put too much mascara on though as that can actually make the fake lash stay on more poorly.