A Handy Fact Guide of Modica Chocolate Every Chocolate Lover Should Read

We are proud to serve you one of the most genuine, historical, and traditional Italian chocolates with our beloved customers. As a matter of fact, we serve a chocolate that is maybe one of the most best kept secret chocolates that is originated from a UNESCO World Heritage town in Sicily— Modica chocolate!

Here are some of the facts about this rare of a kind Italian chocolate.

  1. It is inspired by ancient Aztec tradition

Modica chocolate has been in existence way before the existence of the average Cadbury’s bar. As a matter of fact, the procedure of making Modica chocolate has been dated as far as the Aztec times. It was brought to Sicily when the Spanish were ruling in the 16th century. The cacao and the recipe to make this ancient paste called xocoàtl came from Mexico. This exceptional method was implemented by using a round stone. The process was known as metate, and the cacao was grounded to make a paste. The metates were made from volcanic lava stone from the island’s volcano, Mount Etna. To make the chocolate, the cocoa beans are grounded and cold pressed which creates an intense flavor and a crumbly texture.

  1. UNESCO Heritage

It is just not about the chocolate, but it is internationally recognized by the town of Modica itself. The city is located on the south eastern coast of Italy and it is being protected by the UNESCO. This place is now perceived as a place of cultural patrimony. In other words, Modica is perceived as a town that has cultural, traditional, or historical places. The town is also super loaded with rich art, beautiful piazzas and history, and also the delicious chocolate shops.

  1. Health benefits of Modica chocolate

Modica chocolate only has 50 percent of cocoa beans and 50 percent cane sugar. The recipe for this rare chocolate is totally dairy free and vegan friendly. Because of the simplicity of the ingredients, this chocolate is also healthier than the modern day alternatives you will find today. As a matter of fact, the Modica chocolate bakers believe that consuming this chocolate is beneficial for your health as well. The unprocessed cacao is super loaded with antioxidants. So now as this chocolate is proven beneficial for your health, you can have all the Modica chocolate you want.