Know everything about tax implication of savings account

Savings account is formed with the idea to encourage their holders like the salaried or those with steady income to park their surplus funds. Owing to their high liquidity feature and deposit insurance cover from DICGC of up to Rs 5 lakh, many holders, especially the risk averse ones, find such accounts to be a prudent […]


How to Check FASTag Balance Online?

What is FASTag Balance? An Electronic Toll Collection was put out for toll plazas by NHAI on National Highways called FASTag Balance. Since the beginning of January 15, 2020, it has been mandatory for all vehicles to have FASTtag. You need to put a FASTag sticker on the vehicle you are driving. This is mandatory […]


Viability of rubbish removal and its impacts on societies

Climate change is real and is getting severe every minute. Therefore, it is essential to apply some environmental rules and abide by them. Individuals must take strict measures against the ill effects of waste on the environment. By applying sustainable waste disposal methods, people can significantly reduce waste generation. This, in turn, can positively impact […]


How to Prevent and Remove Rust on your Car

Rusting is one of the most common problems that corrodes and spoils any metallic surface, disfiguring its appearance and hollowing its strength. Rusting on a car can be really annoying as it makes the vehicle look worn-out and the tough, shiny exterior that you are so fond of loses all its sheen and becomes abrasive. […]


Wall Street and Cathie Wood – the wave-making investor and disruptor

Wood has got the name as an infamous personality among the Wall Street investors. Some would call her the disruptor. She openly discusses strategies and investment plans on her YouTube channel, as well as on numerous media outlets on the Internet.  Of course, she’s not alone, as she’s promoting her company, Ark Invest. She’s been […]


Wondering if You Need a Co-applicant for Getting a Home Loan? Find Out Today!

Lenders often ask borrowers to have a co-applicant while applying for a home loan. This is for their assurance, added guarantee, and sometimes to increase the eligibility of the borrowers. However, usually, the borrowers are unaware of the ins and outs of having co-applicants and fail to understand if they should have one. If you […]


Tips to Select an Ideal Used Car Loan Tenure

While buying pre-owned vehicles, people are curious to know about the ideal used car loan tenure. One of the most essential aspects you need to consider while applying for a car loan is selecting its tenure. You need to decide whether you want a short-term or long-term loan duration. Both the options have their pros […]


Jio Vs Airtel – Best plans under Rs. 250 offering unlimited benefits

Are you looking for the best Jio and Airtel plan under Rs 250? Do not worry. This blog brings you all the details of the best plans offered by these two largest telecom providers. These two telecom providers offer various post-paid and prepaid plans that will come in different prices and services. Let us see […]


Why Festive Season Is the Best Time to Buy a Car

Festivities are considered to be auspicious in India. It is the time when people start their businesses and make new purchases like a flat, a car, and jewelry, among other items. As a result, many brands, retailers, and sellers offer various deals, schemes, and discounts that enhance your shopping experience. For instance, if you are […]


How to score well in the CBSE History Exam?

History is considered to be a subject containing chronological record of events which occurred in the past along with their causes. As this subject has a lot of dates and events to memorise, students find it difficult to perform well in the annual examinations. By using the NCERT Textbook for History, students will be able […]