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Visit your Eye Doctor on a Routine Basis for a Healthy Vision

Our lifestyle has an impact on our health and also to our eye sight. Watching television in dark and from a close distance is the major factor that damages eye sight in children at a young age. There are other problems like dry eye which happens when you sit in AC room for a long time and your eye dries up due to air vent. Health issues like diabetes, lupus or thyroid will also affect the eyes.

Optometrist always recommends a regular visit at an early age when you start going to school. You may have accurate vision at the young age but once you reach late 40s you will have vision problems, so it is recommended to visit your ophthalmologist frequently. Even though you had good eye sight when you were a kid with changing lifestyle your eyes deteriorate.

So, it is vital to go for regular checkup to your doctor to avoid any long-term damage.

Here are few things that can make you understand the importance of good eye sight with regular examination –

  • People who wear glasses or lenses should visit frequently their doctor but those who never had any problem can visit once a year until they are 40, after that the visit should be doubled.
  • Minor eye diseases are unnoticeable unless they don’t become major and start obstructing your vision. If you visit your doctor regularly, they can diagnose the problem at a premature stage and can treat it immediately.

Here are few eye problems that can remain permanent in your eyes if not treated for a long time –

  • Glaucoma is a sort of partial blindness that occurs when fluid pressure increases in your eyes. It attacks your optic nerve, if not treated immediately and can lead to permanent vision loss.
  • Amblyopia occurs when your eyes aren’t in proper alignment. If your brain tries to bring them in alignment it shuts off the blurred eye.
  • Diabetic retinopathy happens due to diabetes that injures blood vessels in eyes resulting in leakage. This symptom isn’t observed quickly unless the doctor doesn’t follow a dilation test to assure.
  • People with unhealthy habits like lack of sleep and smoking often face the problem of cataract or AMD. That is why always you are recommended to eat healthy and nutritious food.

So now that you know the benefits of regular visit to your doctor, it is good that you start from today and take an appointment to your nearest eye doctor.