Tips on Becoming a Male Escort

So, you think you’ve got what it takes with the ladies (and/or gentlemen) to become a companion for hire? Maybe you are the type of guy who can see himself getting paid for being exactly who you are. Thinking that this is what you’d like to do and knowing that you have the confidence and drive necessary is just a start. For some, this career can be the things dreams are made of: good money, make your own hours, and create a lifestyle for yourself by doing what you love. But it’s not all fun and games, you have to prep and plan to become a star male escort. We’ve found tips and insights from some of the top men in the industry on how to get started and how to become a male escort.

Clean up your act

Your online appearance is a key point in getting yourself noticed by the type of elite clientele you’ll be looking for. Make sure that you take off any frat photos from facebook and get those twitter and instagram accounts gleaming. Project the image of the type of clients you expect to attract. Putting together an attractive online presence will help you promote yourself to the more affluent members of society. Carefully plan and write an online biography with pictures of who you are and what you bring to the table. Ensure that your escort name isn’t associated with any of those embarrassing photos and posts from the lowbrow kegger last weekend. An escort is so much more than just a pretty face, when you’re compiling your online profiles, be sure to include photos of all of the interesting and exciting things that make you the best choice for a multitude of clients. Feature your best attributes and be sure that any time your writing biographies, your fun and fascinating personality shines through.

Look the part

Even though it seems pretty obvious, your appearance is what will make you shine in a sea of other escorts. Make sure you keep your money maker looking modern, expensive, and healthy. Skin regimens, modern hairstyles, designer duds, and an exercise routine are all great places to start. It’s also important to gain some interesting and unique skills and hobbies, make sure that you look good while doing them. Again, PROMOTE your fine self. Get a photographer friend to engage in these hobbies with you and add the photos to all of your online accounts.

Get literal

Higher end escorts are expected to be more than just a pretty face. Reading up on news and political current events, as well as contemporary pop culture are excellent ways to improve conversations and keep your clients coming back for more. Be someone that anyone would want to talk to. This will also increase your confidence when rubbing elbows with the financial elite. In order to become a male escort of any value, you have to be good with people. No one wants to pay for company that is incapable of holding a conversation, or allows awkward gaps and silences to fill their time. Read up on active listening techniques and be truly interested in your client and what they have to say. Developing excellent conversation skills is a must. Learn how to flatter genuinely and not just smear on hollow complements. Your money depends on the quality of time that you are capable of offering. Genuine empathy and compassion will help your clients get comfortable with you and enjoy exactly what they are paying for, your time.

You pay for what you get

Remember that you are the whole package. Being handsome, fit, and having excellent moves in the sack are only a part of what clients are looking for in a male escort. To become a male escort of high status and top dollar, you need to be charming, intelligent, and well-spoken too. Clients hire escorts for many reasons, some are lonely and looking for a companion, some are busy, horny, and looking for discretion and a good time. Being flexible and skilled enough to handle any client request that is thrown your way will ensure repeat customers and great cash flow.

Know your role

When your first become a male escort, decide whether you plan on flying solo, or working through an agency. Agencies are a great place to start building a clientele base and getting your name out there. It also puts you in contact with other escorts, so you’ll have a network of coworkers to help get you comfortable. Know what types of clients you would be comfortable serving. Are you looking for female or male clients? Would you be comfortable with both? Understand that different clients have different needs, some suffer from social anxiety or have difficulty establishing and maintaining normal relationships. Ask yourself what type of companion you’re willing and able to be.

The cost of doing business

Know what you’ll need to charge before you get started. Becoming a male escort is an investment that may not immediately pay off. Cost of wardrobe, hair and skin products, and gym memberships could entice you to charge premium straight out of the gate, but keep in mind that it takes time to establish yourself amongst more higher paying clientele. Most male escorts charge anywhere from $150 – $300 per hour in the US, with lower class or entry level pricing being anywhere from $50-$150. Charge at least 30% at the time of booking as a reservation fee. When your caller arrives, ensure to get the rest of the payment immediately, making them aware that you are a professional and they are paying for your time and attentions. This also makes it clear that the client is paying for your time, not any sexual relations that may or may not happen later. If you accept payment following sex, you may be eligible to be charged for prostitution.

Know your limits

Safety is just as important in becoming a male escort as it is in becoming a female escort. Draw your lines firmly in the ground before accepting any booking. Know who you will be willing to devote your time to and what devoting your time could potentially entail. If sex with a client does occur during your time with them, ensure you use a condom. Health safety is important. Make sure that you have full blood diagnostics taken every three months. A good rule of thumb is that if you wouldn’t be comfortable doing it recreationally, you most certainly shouldn’t do it professionally.

The model escort

To become a male escort, you don’t have to be a twenty something Adonis  to be in demand. Agencies are looking for men of any race, age, or creed with clean good looks and great conversation skills to grace the presence of their clients. As we’ve mentioned before, clients have a slew of different preferences and the business requires an escort that fits each niche. Fancy yourself a Jame Bond type of dashing man in his 60’s? There is absolutely a client for you. In point of fact, most clients are looking for a man that provides them with good company, so having a wealth of interesting life experience can definitely work in your favor.