Some of the Online Health Insurance Plans in India

The online health insurance plans bring many useful advantages along with them. From being available at lower prices to being easily accessible, you indeed get many benefits when you shop for your medical insurance cover online. Take a look at this article to know more about these options and why you should consider getting one of the best online health insurance plans.

Why choose online health insurance plans?

Now you may be wondering as you why you must choose the online health insurance plans. Well, just take a look at the points mentioned below and you will get your answer:

  • Cheaper: To begin with, the online health insurance plans are much cheaper. So if you are looking to make some savings on your health insurance cover, consider buying your health cover online. The plans are cheaper online because there is no brokerage amount added to them. This apart, the processing fee and the administrative fees are also lower and help bring down the overall costs of the health insurance cover.
  • Ideal for you: Since there aren’t any insurance agents involved in online insurance, you can buy the online health insurance plans in a completely unbiased manner. You can compare and locate the ideal plan and then buy it at the best possible rates. is a good platform for comparing the best health insurance plans available.
  • Easy to buy: The convenience that you get when you shop for a health plan online is impressive. You can buy the plan at any hour of the day or night. You can also buy it with a few clicks and by submitting some basic KYC documents. It really does not get any simpler, does it?

These are some of the reasons why many people choose the online health insurance plans over the offline plans. Would you do so too?

What’s the difference between offline and online health insurance plans?

In our next segment, we will take a detailed look at the major differences between the offline and the online health insurance plans:

  1. Cost: The main and the most important difference between the two lies in the pricing. The online health insurance plans are priced lower than the offline plans. So when you buy your plan online, you get to save a lot of money in the process.
  2. Involvement of broker: When you buy your health insurance plan offline, you do so with the help of a broker. You pay the broker a brokerage amount. The broker, in return, helps you service the policy, make claims, etc. In the online space, the broker is not present and you buy the plan directly from the insurance provider. This makes it easier for you to directly communicate with your insurance provider and also make unbiased choices.
  3. Time and convenience: The old fashioned method of buying health insurance offline takes more time than buying the online plans instantly. You have to complete certain protocols, wait for the insurer to revert and also wait for your agent to give you the green signal. These things take time and you it makes the wait to get a health cover longer.
  4. Documents and health checks: Buying a health insurance plan online is convenient because you don’t always need to submit too many documents or undergo health checks (if you are fit and young). Health checks and detailed documentation form the backbone of the offline health plans.
  5. Comparisons: Finally, we come to the factor of comparison. It is a known fact that comparing health insurance allows you to find the best plan at the best rate. It is very easy to compare the available options online. This facility is practically absent outside the internet, so it becomes very difficult for you to manually compare the offline health insurance policies.

These are just some of the many differences between the offline and the online health insurance plans in India.

The final word

You have to be very careful when you go looking for your ideal health insurance cover. You can choose to buy the online health insurance plans or go for a traditional, offline plan. Whichever option you choose, make sure you have the highest possible cover not just for yourself but also for your entire family. This will help you meet your health insurance requirements and will also allow you to fetch the maximum value from the plan. So what are you waiting for? Explore your options and locate the most suitable health insurance plan for yourself today!