Some Not-So-Apparent Benefits of IPTV You Might Not Know

Making the shift from an analog system to an IPTV system is referred to as going digital. The main concern among the users has mostly been the image quality on the TV screen. It is really hard to keenly notice a distinction when comparing the quality of the premium analog service and a digital image on the TV when subscribed to But image quality shouldn’t be the only matter of concern.

Here are some not-so-apparent benefits of IPTV you might not know.

  1. Simplicity

A normal IPTV headend is quite small in size and an unsophisticated piece of hardware which tends to translate to easy maintenance. Apart from that, it consumes less power, gives away less noise and less heat, and uses less space than the conventional analog solutions.

  1. Solution management

As all the devices in the IPTV system interact with each other with the help of the IP protocol, it is possible to control every aspect of the system quite rapidly and efficiently with the help of a web browser and a user-friendly interface.

  1. Diagnostics and alarms

An IPTV headend can notify you immediately about the possible issues in the entire system. When the signal level from the dishes are plummeting, or the TV signal goes black in one of the rooms, the system will notify you exactly where and why the issue took place so that you can easily intervene to avoid the channel down time.

  1. Stable quality

Unlike the analog solutions, a digital IPTV is not impacted by noise, network drifting or signal interference. Once you have established the system, it will deliver the high quality AV experience constantly to all the connected device.

  1. Infrastructure solutions

Wherever possible, in order to make sure that you are getting the best digital signal transfer, CAT5/6 or fiber cables are installed. Analog headend aren’t compatible with CAT5/6 cables, but digital headend can be connected to the current fiber, coax, and CAT5/6 networks.

  1. Added services

IPTV offers a plethora of additional features which aren’t possible with the analog systems. EPG or Electronic Program Guide, Timeshift, Catchup, Subtitle Selection, Audio language selections etc. are just a few instances.

  1. High definition or HD channels

IPTV is able to manage as many HD channels broadcasts as required. The IPTV headend decrypts the incoming signal and disperses away the content to all the connected digital devices. This is deemed a bigger advantage that installing the analog solutions where the HD format is unreachable because of the use of central analog decoders and modulators.