Some Basic Tips about Butterfly Valve before Using One for Yourself

Butterfly Valve is a type of Sanitary Valves. Butterfly valve mainly works with the process of isolating and regulating the flow of a liquid.

How does a butterfly valve work?

They work in a similar manner as that of the ball valve. Same as that of the ball valve they allow quick shutting off. They are in high demand as they are available at a cheap rate than other valves. Because of lightweight, they require a little amount of support.

When the disc turns quarterly the valve remains fully closed or open. They are basically a metal disc which is having a mounting on the rod. During the closed position of the valve, we turn the disc to block the passageway. When the valve is in open position, we turn the disc quarterly to provide a good flow of the media.

Different kinds of a butterfly valve

Various types of butterfly valves are available in the market. They are as follows-

  • Water-style butterfly valves- They are having their design in such a way that they can maintain a seal against a bi-directional pressure. The pressure is differential for preventing any kind of backflow of the system that are having a design of unidirectional flow. They have a tightly fitting seal. The tightly fitting seal includes O-ring, gasket and a flat valve that can face the upstream and downstream of the valves.

  • Lug-style butterfly valve- These valves are having a threaded insert at both the sides of the valves. So they are having an installation process with two sets of bolts and usually without nuts. Two flanges constitute the valves in between them with two bolts for each flange. They basically find their uses in dead-end services. They are capable of resisting various solvents and chemicals. So it is having industrial uses.
  • Rotary valve– They are the derivation of general butterfly valves. Powder processing industries mainly use them. They are having pockets instead of being flats. They behave like a butterfly valve when they are in closed position. During rotation, the pocket allows dropping of some solids. They can rotate 180 degrees forth and back and are usually small in size.

These different kinds of butterfly valves use the flexibility of a rubber and are having a low-pressure rating. They serve a good purpose to the industries. They are also available at a cheap price.