Route For 3x Faster Test Automation With accelQ ROI Analysis

This is the era of automation. Just like a human mind would automatically send signals to the body for the performance of different organs, the programs are designed with the perception to achieve complete automation. And in this research the developers are looking for the test automation tools that don’t just perform to the best but also serve the heavy cost incurred.

AccelQ provides for a robust automation tool which serves the industry with an effective high-tech need. Their innovative approach brings 3x Faster Test Automation accelQ ROI analysys . And as the tool is believed to be bringing definitive ROI during the software testing lifecycle, it’s important to understand how!

Best designed approach to framework development

The automation tool has been designed keeping the latest needs in mind. Here modularity and customization is kept at close radar to provide for the out of the box framework which both satisfies the approach to go after the design first and suitable frameworks too.

Highly skilled script development

Unlike the traditional tools where the testing requires a designing of the script time and again, this is a highly automated design with the coding designed as part of it with a logic editor. There is no need for a developer to go for extra coding or programming syntax. It’s a logic editor which functions on the natural language thus improving efficiency!

Smart element setup

Instead of just having a single element to route for the last functions, the new age tools have a robust system to place the elements at multiple stages. The dynamics of UI handling happens by the visual creation of multiple element identification channels. This brings in a comprehensive approach to get real-time feedback and follow back processes.

Intuitive automation

Analysis of the applications, software etc on the API testing involves automation that is intelligent enough to handle the complexities. Here the execution is based on the business data and all the action on the functions are taken as an easy analysis. With an intuitive approach the automation happens as seamlessly as one would have thought of in their mind.

The run time of the execution process and execution technique is highly automated with AccelQ enabling quality saving of the cost and a faster processing system. Unlike the traditional tools, the businesses have an upper hand at the API testing procedures and result generation. With the help of such a robust tool the business can definitely route for integrated process solutions!