Must I Avoid Travel Like a Solo Female?

Every question connected with travel safety will not ever for me, encompassing and concrete answer there is also a large amount of variables. These ever altering factors may also be what make traveling so exciting. You never know things to get ready for. Therefore you should get ready for aspects we are in a position to control, especially like a female traveling by yourself.

It’s first necessary to locate the overarching primary risks to travelers (in no particular order)

• Vehicular incident

• Criminal

• Violent attack

• Health issues and Disease

• Beach related occurrences eg rip tides

• Fire – accommodations/nightclubs etc

• Travel at sea

These risks hold true for women and men travelers alike. Just what risks are females weakened to? We’re feeling two risks that female travelers present an elevated chance of falling victim to verses male counterparts are

• Criminal

• Violence (to include sexual attack)

Why Criminal?

Basically most crooks attempt and focus on perceived ‘easy’ targets. It’s generally assumed that ladies will not try and fight and/or will likely be less in a position to defend themselves. Females also become easy targets since most women carry purses or handbags which are much more open to crooks.

Why Violence (to include sexual attack)?

Most violent attacks by men against women are often sexual anyway. Some motivations of people attacks be a consequence of personal grievances, problems with control, and social disorders. Regrettably motivations can also be purely opportunistic and deviant anyway. Therefore, it is crucial for almost any person’s safety to eliminate these perceived ‘opportunities’ for crooks.

There’ll most likely become exceptions for your rules, however we’ve identified two primary topics that put female travelers at as well as the greater chances lets now focus our efforts on eliminating these elevated threats.

Why a elevated risk for solo female travelers?

In situation your criminal or perhaps opponent will perpetrate an offence they likely find to check out a target that’s alone without ‘back up’. Crooks naturally are predators and may normally focus attention on ‘easy targets’. Sexual predators may focus on women they assume will not have anybody immediately ‘missing them’ or checking in there.

Minimize Risk

To know the main risks for female travelers and acknowledge these risks during solo female travel, you have to can modify minimizing the possibilities of encountering these threats. This is often actually the actual principal of travel safety. Know the threat or danger early making formulations accordingly to be able to minimize the risk. The end result is not to avoid travel, but merely to setup and adapt to traveling like a solo female to enhance safety.

Prepare don’t Prevent

Every traveler women and men should prepare before traveling. You’ll find threats everywhere that could affect travelers’ – men, women, individuals or groups alike. Should these potential dangers prevent us from traveling? Certainly not! What these potential dangers should do is motivate us as individuals accountable for your own personel safety, to setup accordingly and educate ourselves before we mind round the adventures.