Learn Some Quick And Easy Maintenance Tips To Extend Your Car Life

Regular maintenance of the vehicle is very critical to get the best driving experience for a long time. It also helps in avoiding frequent wear and tear of the vehicle and expensive repairs. To enjoy the best performance of your vehicle, invest a quality time in maintenance of your vehicle.

Being patient at the time of its break-in period

The break in period of the car is generally considered to be the first 1,000 miles or 1,600 km. At this time, it is advised to keep the driving speed below 55 mph or 88 kpm. It is important to consult your Mercedes Benz service professionals to get the right speed recommendation. One must strictly avoid heavy loads, such as loading the trunk or roof rack full of heavy construction materials, towing trailers etc.

Don’t keep your car in idle state for longer time periods

Car experts advise people not to keep their vehicle idle especially during break-in period. The oil pressure produced by keeping the engine idle would prevent its uniform distribution to each and every part of the engine. Light to medium level acceleration is best to keep the engine RPMs under 3k for the first few driving hours.

Periodic maintenance

Every vehicle owner must be aware of how expensive it is to install a brand-new pair of parts in your vehicle. Regular maintenance in the form of frequent inspections, checking tires pressure and keeping them clean and properly inflated will all constitute to ensuring the best condition of the tire.

Be a careful driver

Certain surface of the road such as debris, potholes, and curbs can lead to damage in the tires. It is thus advised to be cautious while driving your vehicle on the road. Avoid bringing your tires in contact with any of these road conditions. This will protect them for a longer time.

Don’t increase your engine speed during start-up

This is a rapid way to cause damage and wear and tear to your engine. This can be more severe when it is cold outside. Accelerate at a slow rate when you start to drive. Maximum wear and tear to the drive train and engine happens in the starting ten to twenty minutes of its operation.


Everyone wants that their vehicle remains in the best running state for a longer period of time. This is only possible when diligent efforts are made in its maintenance. These tips will definitely help in extending the life span of your car.