Is Project Management Software Certification Valuable?

You will find a lot of arguments and positions on the need for certifications so what exactly is reality, if there’s one? The truth is restricted to one fact: there’s no agreement on the need for certification a minimum of within the domain of project management software.

Exactly What Do We All Know

What we should know is there are numerous project management software certifications, for example PMP, RMP, PRINCE2, MSP, IPMA (four levels), CCC/CCE, PSP, EVP, CPM, and various others with all of type of acronyms. We realize that many are focused on a subject many are popular and a few tend to be more valuable. That is which and how can we define value? Here’s in which the debate starts.

A couple of more questions:

Should hr managers and executives use professional certification like a filter to screen candidates?

Is certification an indication of excellence or perhaps a evidence of expertise?

Would be the ‘certified’ individuals capable of playing an energetic role in transforming business performance?

A minimum of is project management software certification adding to enhancing business performance?

We are able to publish a lot more questions here and also to respond to them effectively and fairly, we’re likely looking for a sizable volume rather of the short article so we need numerous contributors to help make the situation for-and-against. Once more, what’s obvious is the fact that there no consensus within the project management software professional community on the need for certification, or at best on the need for a few of the common as well as popular certifications.

Do You Know The Common Views?

We are able to classify the most typical views per the next:

Some professionals, training providers, as well as professional associations will defend the different opening certifications and then promote them as “expert” level certifications and employ terms for example “guidelines” and “master project management software”… The amount of promotion is directly connect to the advantage of the promoter and may frequently border the dishonest behavior or at best misguided.

Other professionals will attack these opening certifications as useless, or use terms for example: “paper certifications”, “technical ___”, and my personal favorite “can recite the conventional verbatim but cannot run a waitress or stand. Once again, this practice could be dishonest when the attackers have competing products and/and have hidden agendas so that they attempt to lift their goods by attacking the competing products.

Other professionals have been in between and can provide a somewhat balanced view, with open and obvious position and transparency of the affiliations.

It is extremely difficult and can be inappropriate to evaluate the different professional certifications and we’ll not do making this an enormous subject and we’re untrained to provide such judgment. However, in project management software we all do have extensive global expertise to let us provide a professional opinion although likely questionable.

What’s Our Position?

We’ll condition the next:

Most, if not completely, certifications requires significant effort to attain and do lead to acquired understanding.

For individuals with proper experience, an accreditation will add significant value as these professionals can place a formal understanding structure to what they’ve been practicing at work.

We believe that many won’t argue with this particular statement: some certifications have significant value, others don’t, and it’s important to understand the main difference.

Some certifications have experienced the best value but have forfeit it or are losing their value although their figures keep growing. Seem just like a contradictory statement and perhaps it’s but we’ll argue otherwise.

There’s an enormous gap used and awareness on the need for certifications on the market. Normally, this is caused by overzealous marketing, so that as we pointed out previously bordering dishonest behaviors.

Regrettably, some professional associations tend to be more worried about growing their figures instead of clearly communicating the real worth of each certification they grant or spend the required screening effort to make sure qualified individuals generate the right certification.

Some certifications are opening or early career but they’re ‘sold’ as expert level.

Many are general certifications for somebody with project management software experience (although limited) but they are ‘sold’ as project manager’s certification.

Most opening certifications have the best value as opening level although not they’re always an indication the holder of these certification is definitely an experienced project manager.

The Issue of worth

Because of a few of the factors that people pointed out earlier, many technical professionals with limited or no encounters in project management software are acquiring these certifications. A number of them don’t know the web site project life time and process groups, or perhaps a project plan along with a schedule, or perhaps the web site change along with a variance.

The above mentioned scenario is resulting in contradictory market perceptions:

On a single hands, a number of recruiters, human sources managers, and executives are utilizing certification like a filter for screening employment candidates given that they think that these certifications have a “great value” and indicators of “expert project managers.”

However, for individuals people who truly comprehend the value and limitations of those certifications, the act of professional associations granting these certifications produce a situation of “mistrust” on the market as well as in the credential. We lose respect of these commercial practices and insufficient responsibility.

Our Recommendations

For human sources and recruiting managers and executives, we provide the few suggestions here:

Don’t take certification as evidence of expert level artist

Look at the certification needs that will help you understand if this sounds like a fundamental level or perhaps a senior level or perhaps an expert level

Don’t take the certification holder as a given… evaluate the CV, challenge the individual, ask the tough questions, exceed soft skills and get hard project management software core questions (if you’re hiring for any project management software position)

Will the certificate holder have project management software experience or technical experience focusing on project don’t trust the professional association to ensure this for you personally given that they mostly rely on online applications with limited audit or verification

The Experience

You should notice that some professional associations may not be within the best position to deal with these concerns so we require an alternative. The choice is to pay attention to educating the worldwide community, educating recruiters and executives on the need for certifications.

Exactly how should we do this?

Through this short article, we urge professionals and project management software thought leaders to participate us and launch an initiative underneath the title “Protecting Project Management Software: What Executives Have to know” this is sort of a consumers protection initiatives.

What is your opinion?

Are we able to may play a role here? Exactly how should we work in allowing the necessary awareness in as impartial approach as you possibly can?

More later on articles!

Mounir A. Ajam

26 September 2011

Mounir A. Ajam is raring to awaken the enormous of project management software within individuals, organizations, and nations! He’s an worldwide speaker, author, consultant, executive coach, volunteer leader, entrepreneur, and social entrepreneur.

Mounir can also be a professional using more than 25 years or so of professional global experience of project management software, mostly within the oil industry, however he’s provided services across various industries and sectors, for example banking, government, utilities, technology, social service, among many more.

Mounir experience is global and it has had the chance to operate and reside in the U . s . States, Uk, East Asia and West Asia. Mounir may be the co-founder and Chief executive officer of SUKAD FZ-LLC a number one provider of Integrated Project Management Software Solutions that’s located in Dubai, the Uae.

Mounir is definitely an active community leader with assorted local, regional, and global volunteering roles. He is a volunteer for professional organizations such as the Project Management Software Institute (PMI), the worldwide Project & Process Management Association, a company he co-founded and brought for several years.

Before the initiation of any project, many procurements are required to be made. Project management certification allows you to plan procurements, conduct and decide for their arrangement and finally administer their closure. This helps to carry out the project smoothly.