How to Make Cycling More Comfortable?

Do you feel a tad bit discomfort while riding your bike? The pain incurred on your feet, knees, hips, rear, back, shoulders and neck, wrists or hands while cycling are some of the red signs that something is wrong with the bike. All the bikes are installed with some kind of ‘passive comfort’ that can be paid some attention. Read on for the solutions on how to make your biking journey more comfortable.

Frame Shape and Size

First things first. Bike frame or geometry is one of the primary comfort issues. The frame of the bike signifies the body position of the rider. Experts usually suggest in the case of recreational bikes to sit upright for comfort and in the case of performance, an aerodynamic position is suggested.

An appropriate frame size is also an essential factor for the comfort. There had been very rare cases of the bike being sold in a wrong frame. But if you are using a hand-me-down, a bike frame too big or small in size may cause discomfort.

Bike Fit

If you have been facing discomfort from cycling for a long time, consider investing in a professional bike fitting. This particular bike fitting is meant to provide comfort, power, and efficiency second. It also provides an option to adjust the seat and handlebar position according to your preferences, range of motion, weight distribution and riding style. If there is a need for adjusting handlebar style, lever position and seat style, it can also be easily adjusted.

Tire Selection and Pressure

Tires also create an impact when it comes to the comfort while biking. In the case of a wide tire, it has more cushion and comfort as compared to the narrow tire. If you have a mountain bike, it is recommended to have wider tires with lower pressure as it helps in improving the grip of the tires on the trail surface. It also provides better control and more passive suspension. Moreover, it also helps in reducing fatigue on rough roads and long rides.

Seats and Seatposts

When looking for comfort while biking, seats play a major role. You should consider two factors about the seats and seatposts of a bike. You should sit upright if the seat of your bike is broad. Or if you have a bike with a narrow seat, prefer sitting in a forward leaning position for more comfort.

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