How do you Think Electricity Reaches your Home?

Transformers have been known to play a significant role in making the electricity reach our homes. However, a majority of people have been unaware of how the transformers work and how they have become important in distributing power. In case, you were unsure what transformers have to do with how they supply electricity, let us delve on their working and how to choose the right one suitable to your specific needs.

Purchasing a transformer or renting one?

When it comes to purchasing a transformer, you should rest assured to spend a fortune. However, rental power transformer would be your best bet to suit your specific needs. You should be aware about understanding the working of transformer.

Understanding the working of transformers

A basic transformer would transmit electrical energy from one circuit to another. It would generally act to reducing the voltage of electricity as it would be travelling from power plants to respective homes. The electricity would be generated in a conventional power plant. It would burn fossils fuels to heat the water. As a result, the steam would rise and push the generator turbines around. Hereby, the mechanical energy would be transformed into electrical energy. The electricity would travel using the wires and reach the transformers.

At this point, electricity offers high voltage. It would be essential if it would be passing through electrical wires from the power plant into the buildings. However, along the way, the electrical energy would come across a series of transformers. These transformers would gradually lower the voltage until it would reach the optimum level that would be adequately safe for homes and offices. These transformers would be known as step-down transformers.

Role of iron core in a transformer

A majority of transformers would comprise of iron core surrounded by two coils of insulated wire. The foremost coil would be attached to an altering current. It would be the primary coil. It would be pertinent to mention here that the altering current would produce magnetic field that would vary constantly around the primary coil.

The varying magnetic field would produce an altering current in the other coil. It would be known as the secondary coil. It would be connected to a separate electric circuit. In step down transformers, the primary coil would be tightly wound than the secondary coil. It would contribute to reduction of voltage of electricity, as it would be distributed.

Most of the transformers would be used for increasing the voltage of electricity that would travel through it. These have been known as step-up transformers. In such kind of transformer, the secondary coil would entail more number of turns as compared to the primary coil.