How about buying multiple insurance?

Health insurance is very important in the US. Many schools require F-1 students to buy health insurance (also known as 留学生 保险). You are also recommended to buy health insurance after graduation, such as opt insurance (also knowns as opt保险). Some employers provide health insurance with employees. Remember to ask for your employer about health insurance before accepting an offer. The most common and traditional way to convert a student visa to a work visa is to apply for an H-1B visa. Since the H-1B visa application (also known as h1b 申请) and the H-1B lottery procedure (also known as h1b 抽签) are very complicated, you should always consider hiring an immigration lawyer (also known as 纽约移民律师) when you apply for an H-1B visa. In this article, we will discuss is that a good idea to buy multiple insurance? 

Is it a good idea or a bad idea to buy multiple study abroad insurance plans (also known as 留学生 医疗保险) at the same time when you feel that your existing insurance is not enough?

At the same time, the more insurance you have, the better? For the study abroad insurance plan, this may not be an absolute good thing. If international students or visiting scholars intend to purchase two or more study abroad insurance plans at the same time, here are some things you must pay attention to.

You feel that the content or protection covered by your existing study abroad insurance plan is not enough. 

If you find a suitable plan and want to know if you can buy two to get a double guarantee, the answer is no. In addition, finding two different master plans or two different sub-plans will not work. The only thing that can be done is to buy a master plan (the plan that will be used first when the claim is made) and then buy a sub plan (Secondary plan – the plan that can only be used when the primary plan’s insured amount has been used).

Tips: International students and visiting scholars are advised to purchase plans that cover potential high-risk issues (such as inter-school sports or pregnancy).

Finally, if you really want to buy two study abroad insurance, please confirm that one is primary and the other is Secondary. However, we still recommend that you only find one that can cover the insurance plan you need.