Five Things to Keep in Mind when Hiring a Corporate Caterer

Planning a company party, fundraiser, or a board meeting can be daunting. You may not know where to start. With so many details to pay attention to, your last concern would be whether you choose the right caterer for the job. To make picking a caterer a breeze, the tips below should help you:

Pick a Caterer that Works With you from Start to Finish

High-profile guests such as bosses, board members, and clients may have specific needs and likes. A great caterer should consider these tails and carry them out professionally. Professional caterers ask what you want at the event and deliver to make it unique and successful.

Choose a Caterer that Prioritizes Efficiency

People who run businesses are busy individuals. Meetings are necessary for businesses. While the highest level of food and drink may be available during a corporate event, business leaders gather to get down to business. That is why you must find a caterer that prioritizes efficiency with service while giving respects to your guests and their time. In case you prefer a buffet-style service, the caterer should label every item to ensure your guests with certain food restrictions and food allergies avoid certain items. Also, buffets must be double-sided so your guests don’t have to wait to eat.

Determine your Guest Count

When it comes to corporate catering Duluth, you need to start with the headcount. It does not have to be the exact number. Pinpointing the guest count will help in setting the planning stages in motion, in terms of your budget and menu design. A great caterer should offer programs, assistance, or software to manage check-ins and seating.

Select a Caterer that Offers Professional Hand Service

The best caterer to hire for your important corporate event must have high service standards. They should offer a quiet service while your keynote speaker is making his address. They must serve and clear meals using hand service. This makes sure there are no big trays to drop or dishes to turn heads and disrupt your program. A reputable catering company trains its people in hand service and ensure they can serve your guests competently and quietly.

Plan for a Variety of Food

When you host a business function, you want to prepare a variety of food for a wide range of dietary needs and restrictions. You need to satisfy the needs of all your guests and give diversity at a reasonable cost. As you design your menu, be thoughtful of your expected guests’ eating lifestyle.