Five Effective Ways to Organize your Laundry Room

Doing the laundry is not everybody’s favorite. Because you of this, you may always put this task off so you see the piles growing out of control. However, doing the laundry is part of your life. Fortunately, having an efficient and organized laundry room can make this task less of a chore. Below are some ways to organize your laundry room:

Eliminate Unnecessary Clutter

Before you try to organize the laundry room, check for old, unused supplies you have been keeping for a while now and throw them away. Put any items that should not be in the room in a box and then put them in the right places later.

Designate Areas for Various Uses

While doing the laundry is already a task itself, there are other related tasks that you will be doing in the laundry room such as ironing and folding washed clothes. Make sure you have a space in the room you to these tasks. Also, make sure you have storage space for your laundry supplies.

Sort Clothes Properly

Place a hamper for dirty clothes in every bedroom. Have a laundry sorter to separate clothes into whites, darks or colors and hand washables. Go for a sorter that has canvas bags which hang from a metal frame. If you want to avoid mixing up socks, provide your family members with their own color-made mesh laundry bag for their dirty socks. Consider washing and drying these socks while in the bag.

Make Use of the Storage Space Efficiently

Your laundry room should have cabinets built in over your washing and drying machines for storing laundry supplies. To ensure safety and convenience, install these cabinets at a reachable height. In case you do not have the space, check for the gap between your washer and dryer and slid a skinny rolling caddy into it to store your supplies.

Involve Everyone

Every family member should have their own laundry basket in different colors. Label every basket with their name to avoid confusion. After drying clothes, place them in the appropriate basket and give the basket to their rightful owner so that latter will fold their own clothes.

Teaching your family members how to their own laundry will make the task less tiring for you. Doing the laundry is a life skill that everybody must learn eventually. If your kids are still too young, you can still get them involved by asking them to help you to fold towels and match socks.

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