Designing A New Business Website? Don’t Miss The Basics!

Even the best websites must be revamped once in two to three years, simply because the trends and web design practices evolve with time. If you have decided to design a new business website, there are several aspects to consider. In this post, we are discussing the various things that matter while redesigning a portal.

  • Adhere to the basics. All websites should be cross browser compatible and must have a responsive design that works across varied devices. Keep in mind that close to 50% of all internet searches are initiated on a mobile or handheld device, and hence, responsiveness and interface of the website is of utmost importance.
  • Hire the right company. When it comes to website design hire, always choose a company for experience, expertise and work process, rather than the price. While getting an estimate is an absolute must, don’t opt for a service just because they are offering the lowest quote. Beware of companies that offer instant quotes without checking the needs of your website. Creating a theme and design for any portal starts with an initial discussion, and the price is always based on the scope and scale of the website.
  • Discuss your requirements. Communication with the web design service also needs attention. You need to share your ideas, inputs, and things you want in the new website. Unless the design team is sure of what you need from them, expecting them to create a perfect website is a mistake.

  • Consider the big picture. A new website should be designed, keeping the needs and expectations of your visitors and customers in mind. Consider the fact that you will not redoing the theme or design for at least a year or two, so the design needs to make the most of current trends and practices.
  • Keep an eye on competition. It is also absolutely necessary to keep an eye on your immediate competitors. A good business site will have a great layout and theme for sure, but it needs to be interactive and offer something that the visitors expect. Your competition sites can offer plenty of clues on the things you can do right.

With focus on these aspects, designing a business website should be an easy task. Just make sure that the company you hire must be extremely experienced, and if they can handle online marketing and SEO as well, it’s always an added advantage.