Check The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Rotational Molding Here!

Several different techniques of plastic molding are used for making diverse products. In recent years, a lot of manufacturers have started using rotational molding, which is also called rotomolding. Other plastic molding techniques are not dead and have diverse applications, and you can click here for more. Below is a quick overview of rotomolding with a list of advantages and disadvantages.

What is rotational molding?

Rotational Molding is a plastic molding technique that’s best used for making durable hollow plastic parts and products. The process involves placing the liquid resin or plastic material in a mold, which is then placed in an over and rotated at an even speed. This causes the material to cover the inner surface of the mold, taking its shape. Since the rotation is done at an even speed, it creates centrifugal force, which helps in getting products that have even walls. When the mold is cooled down, the plastic product is taken out. Typically, this technique is used for making large hollow plastic items, such as traffic cones, big bins and pet houses.

Advantages at a glance

The foremost advantage of rotomolding is the low costs involved in tooling, as materials like aluminum can be used. Secondly, the products have even walls, the products look better and are much more durable. Complex products with double walls can be made with rotomolding, which works wonders for industrial and commercial needs. Plastic items that are made with this technique are much more durable and stable. As such, rotomolding can be used for making complicated items that are subjected to extensive use. It is also possible to add other details to the products, including logos and symbols without a lot of effort.

Disadvantages worth noting

Compared to options like injection molding, rotomolding is not as effective as far as time is concerned. The number of materials that can be used for the technique is also limited. Mostly, poly resins are used for rotomolding, and this may increase the cost of production.

Final word

Rotational Molding has some serious advantages, which make it ideal for diverse needs. If you are considering placing order for large and hollow products and don’t want to spend a bomb, Rotational Molding is the right choice. Just make sure that you select a reliable manufacturer that specializes in this kind of plastic molding and will offer an estimate with a date of delivery in advance.