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Basics Of Laser Hair Removal: Here’s Your Easy Guide!

A lot of people don’t like the idea of waxing, especially because of the pain they have to endure every few days or at least once a month. If you are not into waxing or shaving but want to remove unwanted hair permanently and effectively, laser hair removal might work as the right solution. For the uninitiated, laser hair removal uses a special kind of device, and the laser damages the hair follicles permanently. In case you are considering the procedure, below are a few things worth knowing.

Understanding laser hair removal better

First things first, laser hair removal is a medical procedure, so you need a reliable clinic, such as Épilation laser plus, to get it done. Since it uses laser, there are a few side effects and risks associated with the procedure, which can be avoided if you choose the right clinic. Make sure that the technicians are trained and experienced. As far as pain is concerned, there isn’t much pain, especially as many clinics now using cooling devices and special creams to sooth the area.

What about the costs?

The best part of laser hair removal is the speed. Smaller areas can be treated in a few minutes, and it doesn’t really cost a bomb, considering the expenses of other cosmetic treatments. However, you will need three sessions to experience the full benefits of the procedure, and each treatment is usually scheduled after a gap of three to four weeks. The cost of the treatment depends on the size of the area being treated, besides the number of sessions required. Some clinics are more expensive than others, because these use much better laser devices and have experienced technicians, and we recommend that you consider paying for the same.

More worth knowing

After laser hair removal, you would be advised exposure to heat for at least a couple of days, so don’t think of the gym or sauna. Sun exposure must be avoided for at least six weeks, and your doctor may recommend a special cream or ointment. Using cold compresses may help in soothing the target area. While laser hair removal doesn’t have downtime, it is wise to follow the advice of your doctor to get the best benefits.

Also, before you jump in, ask about the costs and make sure that you have discussed the possible risks. Please note that laser hair removal is a cosmetic procedure, not covered under insurance.