Basic Information Regarding Maintenance Of Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are used for removing the heat and humidity from the room and home interiors, during summer months and during winter months the process is just reversed. Therefore, you need to ensure that heat pump performs very efficiently.

Following are few tips for operating the heat pump:

  • You must set your thermostat to certain fixed temperature. Frequent change of setting increases utility cost particularly, during winters.
  • For setback type of thermostat, you must limit it 2 times a day, once while you are away at work and when you are sleeping.
  • Setback the thermostat at 6% of the desired temperature.
  • Don’t set the thermostat to below 65 degrees during heating season.
  • Don’t set the thermostat to below 75 degrees in the cooling mode. Otherwise the utility cost may get increased and result in condensation in the house.

  • Regularly check the outdoor heating pump during winter season if there is any sign of snow or ice build-up particularly after bad weather.
  • Remove the snow or ice if it is found on the unit so that it may work properly. If needed you can turn to emergency heat position to melt the ice or snow. Also, you can pour warm water so that snow may get melted.
  • Prefer not to use hot water. Normal water from hose pipe can also work.
  • Don’t use any sharp object to remove the ice on the coil of heating pump. It can not only damage the coil but also cause personal injury.
  • After the snow or ice is cleaned put back thermostat in normal position. If again ice is formed then call for servicing.
  • Avoid keeping the outdoor unit under the leaking gutter. During winter months, water will drip and get frozen in solid ice. Air flow will get restricted.
  • Keep the heat pumps 4 to 8” above the ground.

Lets now talk about entretient de thermopompe [heat pump maintenance].

  • Clean or replace the air filter every month
  • Outdoor units must me cleaned from debris, ice and snow
  • Outdoor coils must be clean and must be regularly cleaned with heavy duty degreaser by turning it off.
  • There should not be any shrub around 18” from every side of heat pump so that there is proper airflow.

  • Drain out condensate pan before using the AC.
  • Oil the fan motors once in a year.
  • Get the heat pump inspected by service professional once in a year.