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All You Need to Know About Getting a Divorce

A couple going through a divorce are going through a very difficult, and often complex, time even if the separation is an amicable one. There is never a good time to go through a break-up, especially if you have been married to someone. All of a sudden you are going through important life decisions on your own, where previously you had your partner for support. When you are faced with difficult decisions relating to a separation it is best to seek the legal advice of solicitors who are experts in divorce proceedings.

Whether you are filing for divorce, or your ex-partner is the party seeking a confirmation of your separation, there are a few different areas and procedures that you should be aware of, and divorce lawyers can ensure you are fully informed before making any hasty decisions that could have an impact on your life for years to come. If you have a shared business, a family and property, you want to ensure that all areas of your life are covered and looked after in order to provide a solid foundation for your future apart.

Let us take a look at a few different areas of a divorce that you should be aware of:

Family Separations – If you are going through a divorce and you have a family, there are many different complexities to consider. A specialist divorce solicitor can help you to understand your rights in terms of looking after your children, or visitation rights if you are not to be their primary guardian. A solicitor will always try to help you work towards the best outcome for the children, in order to provide a stable upbringing and home environment. Mediation and financial agreements can be put in place to ensure the situation is as positive as possible.

Sharing Property – It can be complicated to go through a divorce, as immediately there is a problem in terms of the shared property that the couple live at, especially if they are homeowners, or one of the parties has their name on the mortgage. This can lead to a dispute over the selling arrangements of the property. If there is no agreement post-mediation as to how to split the estate in half, it can end up becoming part of divorce proceedings in court. At this stage it is the decision of a judge that demands how a property is split during a divorce.

Business Interests – In some marriages the partnership is more than just a romantic one. If you are involved in owning or running a business with your partner and are going through a divorce, it is imperative that you seek legal advice from divorce specialists immediately. Mediation, or court proceedings can decide whether both parties can continue to work together, or if one party becomes silent in the running of the business, or whether the best option is to sell the business completely and split the proceeds. Where one party owns a business, the other party may be entitled to part of it now they are divorced.

Whatever your personal situation whilst going through a divorce, be sure to seek legal advice from divorce specialists to ensure you have all areas of your life covered.