A Handy Guide To Buying Used ATV

Like most other things in the second hand realm, buying a used ATV while save you thousands over the price on a new one, and of course the golden rule apply a low price is a good price of the entire machine check out. Reputed resellers are a good place to start looking. Check out this link for some ideas, Now below are the immediate steps to checking out an ATV before you buy one used.

The Tires

The seasoned tires are useful just as in cars give a good assessment of the condition of an ATV. Using a flashlight inspect the tires along the treads and the sides to look for cracks and missing chunks of rubber all around , although these can be easily replaced it’s a good place to start to give an idea to the type of abuse the ATV has taken on. Also, these tires are a good place to bring down the price a notch. While inspecting the tires is also helpful to look into the bearing and joints to see for cracks or loose bearings by jacking the tires.

The Shocks

The shocks are easily the most abused parts of an ATV and inspecting the shocks for any sort leaks or wet spots is the how to assess the part. Leaks or wet spots means the shocks are damaged and needs replacement, the shocks may look not so serious a damage but it affects the stability of your vehicle on a bigger scale on an ATV.

Engine Leaks

Oil leaks from the valve cover or head gaskets are something that can cost you a lot and hence always check these engines with a clean rag to wipe across and look for any fresh oil which means time to reconsider your buy.

The Air Cleaner

Pull the air cleaner cover and inspecting it is just as revealing as the tires, large accumulation of dirt is a strong sign of poor maintenance, while replacing these cleaners are cheap it is a sign. Also look for signs of mice or rodents within the cleaner and if you do, it time to call of the buy.

Check the fluids

Pull out the transmission dipsticks and check the oil and coolant levels are up to the mark and look normal in appearance. Another aspect to look for in the presence of metallic parts in the oil, if u do find it again it time to call it off.

Chain and Sprocket

Finally, check if the ATV uses a chain, if yes. Look for sprocket and chain wear, which is replaceable but again a space to bargain for a better price.

This should give a better idea about the condition of the ATV.