4 Must Know Features About USB C Adapter Converters

If you’re looking to buy a USB type-C cable adapter that can help you charge type c devices with the help of a normal Micro USB cable, you must look forward to buying a Primecables USB type c adapter converter or some others just from licenced companies. In fact, there are some specific features that you should be looking at in an adapter to ensure that it isn’t a substandard or incompatible product. Also, good companies like PrimeCables offer such type c cable adapters at much lower prices than their actual market value.

Features to Consider When Buying Type-C Adapter Converter

A Type-C adapter converter that can convert USB Type C into Micro USB is a quite good and popular option to consider if you’re looking forward to get the same benefits that type c cables offer. The following 4 features are a must know for everyone who owns type c devices but want a micro USB cable to serve the purpose in order to save money without compromising on the benefits that type c cables offer.

  • This kind of type c adapter converter gives customers an attractive option to make any type c device compatible with micro USB cables. This is an alluring option since it saves money that one has to spend into buying a new type c cable every time the old one gets damaged or lost. And as a known fact, a type c cable and adapter are costlier than normal USB cables. Thus, it saves time and money without bailing out on the prospects of delivering high speed data transmission and speedy charging, just like a type c cable does.
  • With the help of this adapter, the micro USB cables can deliver a high speed data transmission speed of 480 Mbps per second for 20 songs. Also, since this adapter is a non-complex device that mostly resembles a pendrive, you do not need any kinds of installation tools.
  • This converter adapter covers a full range of type c devices including smartphones, tablets, computers, and laptops – the most important of them all are LG G5, Nokia N1 Tablet, Nexus 5X and 6P, OnePlus 2, Samsung Note 7, Google ChromeBook Pixel (2015), and Apple MacBook (12-inch, 2015).
  • Most importantly, out of the two connectors, one is USB Type-C male and the other is Micro USB female.

The above listed features are the most important ones. However, you must also know that despite this adapter converter works with all USB C smartphones, it is still incompatible with USB On-the-Go.